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Laura Drury Por DSC_5315.jpg

I was very proud to be awarded a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society (LRPS) in 2019 and shortly afterwards was thrilled on becoming Qualified with the Guild of Photographers (QGP)


I’ve always loved portrait photography and enjoy being able to bring out the best in even the most shy and self-conscious people, in fact, they often make the best models as you can see from my portfolio - none of these are professional models!  I really enjoy the editing, post-processing and retouching which comes after the photo shoot (and takes considerably longer!)  It's like giving my client a digital makeover!


Recently I have also been exploring an impressionist style of landscape photography, going out every day taking photographs around my local area of South East Kent.  By using slow shutter speeds, intentional camera movement (ICM) and focus manipulation I try to capture the atmosphere and essence of a scene rather than a ‘real’ representation. I feel that I'm using the movement of my camera to replace the brush strokes of a painter. I then play around in post-processing, often using multiple exposures and increasing the vibrancy to produce an image where reality merges with imagination.


My most recent work will be exhibited at Horsebridge Arts Centre, Whitstable from 6th-19th November 2024.

The 2024 exhibition of all new work is entitled 'A Day on the River'

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